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Simple Sticky Notes

Easy Sticky Notes is a brilliant free download tool that allows the user to sticky mode Digital/Post It notes and virtually “stick” notes on Windows-operated Desktop. It is absolutely the ideal type of users who need to rejoice in everything under pen and paper to avoid irritation of the unwanted files of any. This program for digital simplified post-it, this inevitably finds proves to be a huge use for lack of thoughtful users.

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Its minimum requirements are the operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8 10 Notebook or PC with at least 1 gigahertz AMD or Intel Core processor and 512 MB of RAM and 1 megabyte of hard disk storage. Its use is delightfully simple. To start, the user simply double-click on the simple sticky note on the system partition graph, otherwise they can right-click the icon in the drawer with a simple note and after that, click or tap “New Note “. If users want to remove sticky notes, they simply point to the “Notepad button” menu, and then select the “delete” option. Because the option can be deleted, you hide the appearance of the note so that you no longer need to be useful by typing or clicking the “Hide button” note in the menu. To change the size of the annotation that is included, users must drag and drop to the lower-right corner. Users can also create the color scheme of their custom preferences by selecting the “color” above called the “Notes menu” icon.

Safe and friendly
This simple sticky note program has amassed an impressive string because its debut is 2000. Well-known websites have given the program a total of 5 letters, and our internal analysis procedures show that the sticky with simple notes is completely clean, which means it does not contain malicious software such as viruses, Spyware, backdoor and Trojan horses. If you want to personalize your digital sticky notes, different and different themes like desert, concrete, Christmas, stone, lime and bubbles will all offer a wide range of portfolio rugs. Your user has also delegated control of reminder sounds and musical themes that play in mind the selected events. These topics are familiar with cell phone themes like IPhone theme sounds, Samsung whistle, upsound power, coins, Windows 10 Bell theme and secret Jam.

Never forget anything important!
Now you can throw the yellow “Post Office” link from your desktop loader and now leave them properly on the desktop of your device. The program does exactly what the title says, presents a user-friendly way to focus on mission critical notes. With the tip offering full support, updates and backup, it really is the Office game box of the modern business environment.