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Us 2019

A family’s serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgngers appear and begin to terrorize them.
Jordan Peele Writer:
Jordan Peele Stars:
Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss | In order to get away from their busy lives, the Wilson family takes a vacation to Santa Cruz, California with the plan of spending time with their friends, the Tyler family. On a day at the beach, their young son Jason almost wanders off, causing his mother Adelaide to become protective of her family. That night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide’s childhood home where they’re staying. The family is shocked to find out that the intruders look like them, only with grotesque appearances.

Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.
M. Night Shyamalan Writer:
M. Night Shyamalan Stars:
James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson | After pursuing Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities that reside within. David Dunn finds himself locked in a mental hospital alongside his archenemy, Elijah Price. He must now contend with a psychiatrist who is out to prove the trio do not actually possess superhuman abilities

A postman is posted to a frozen town in the North – where he discovers Santa Claus is hiding out.