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VMware Workstation

VMware workstation is one of the best virtualization desktop application you need to run the operating system on the virtual machine, VMware’s workstation is one of your best choice. It’s packed it all and offers support for tons of operating systems. VMware is designed to update your application to support the hardware and operating systems, including Windows 8 and the latest USB (function () {(“study-application-site-Desktop”);}); And the face of the NterfaceVMware workstation happy use. During the first run VMware Workstation, you are welcomed with a splash screen that allows you to quickly create a new virtual machine (VM), edit the network, connect to the remote server and the new virtual machine is a piece of cake. VMware workstation will detect the operating system installation and ask questions which are important for things such as your product key. It will also install the driver and the tools you need to work in a virtual machine with the original desktop virtual machine that appear in the different tabs so you can bounce between different virtual machine easily. Tabbed interface in VMware Workstation provides quick access to all virtual machine and configure even from your home in the virtual machine, VMware Workstation put Toolbar durable in addition to a screen to access features such as full screen, Unity and capture video. There was also an interface easy to use to take pictures and restore virtual modeUnity the VMware workstation mode is very good if you want to integrate an application virtual machine with them from the operating system genuine. Applications that are virtualizing clearly marked, so easy to distinguish the same app from different computers. Unity will connect both operating systems to perfection so you can get the desktop space that will still be able to affect the configuration and control your virtual machine easily even in Unity mode. VMware increased with Juggling with two Menu initial menu starting VMs appears when you scroll up the host to start the VMware workstation to increase speed to the Board. Create a virtual machine was faster, but restore and suspension of virtual machine provides the best example of a better Machine to respond quickly. Jump and get out of the virtual machine is faster. There is also an increase in support for 3d graphics, so you can also have some virtual game with low power. Don’t expect to run Crysis at VMware workstation is really a program for engineers, by Engineers when you viewed the features of their network. Users can share their virtual machine over the network and access them remotely, very suitable for them where they can use their virtual machine in any browser and does not require a special plugin or even Adobe Flash. With this access to the virtual machine that you can afford, VMware Workstation virtualization applications is one of the best out there. It’s packed it all and will make the management of different operating system danPengguna a wind.