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Wonder 2017

Based on the bestseller of the New York Times, this film tells an inspiring and satisfying feeling of the month of August, Pullman was a boy with the face of different people coming in fifth grade, he went to school by Aimiri to fight for the first Time.

Director: Steven Chbosky Steven Chbosky: Writing (screenplay), Steve Conrad (screenplay) (like Steven Conrad)

Based on the New York Times bestseller, Incredible stories about inspiring and comforting in August Pullman. He was born with the emergence of differences, at that time he had confiscated income for school fights, Auggie would become the most rarely parallel to their heroes, who entered our fifth place. According to his family, the members of his class, and much more around the community seek to understand compassion and understanding, the way of an amazing combination of Auggie all and you can not summarize when you were born.

The pilot crashes and says conflict in the outside world, Diana, the Amazonian warrior in formation, left his house to fight in war, his strength and destiny.

Director: Patti Jenkins wrote: Allan Heinberg (screenplay), Zac Snyder (history)

They will teach Diana, the princess of the Amazon, the warrior of battle. They are sure to raise in paradise on the island’s Haven, falling on the coast of the pilot and air the great conflict in the outside world, Diana leaves her house, he can stop the threat. Struggling against people in war to end all wars, Diana knows the nomadic power and her destiny.