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DNS Benchmark

DNS stands for domain server, and it is these servers that translate domain names into numeric addresses that are based on the internet around. Without a DNS server you can’t get much to do on the Internet, but how do you know if they’re your ISP providing the task? The free DNS software parameter provides a solution, although one that may seem a bit overwhelming detailed to a young and effective DNS-based DNS benchmark is a free application that performs a comprehensive set of tests on DNS servers Service provider (or any other DNS server for that matter). It can help identify unsatisfactory indicators that can be considerably slower during your Internet experience. You can check multiple DNS servers both locally and remotely and export results in a variety of formats. In addition to obtaining detailed data for the DNS Benchmark expert also provides a “Summary” tab with a higher level of information for a more relaxed (feature () (“Browse-app-Page-Desktop”);); Speed up your Web experience poorly running DNS server will slow down almost any activexti does online. The DNS Benchmark from GRC provides a simple but insightful way to measure the speed of your Internet service provider so that you can choose the fastest and improve your surfing speed.