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X Lite

X-Lite is a free program developed for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. Designed to help users transition from traditional phone usage to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), X-Lite is the first step towards the fully loaded Bria desktop client. With the promise that users can try before they buy, CounterPath ensures it leave you wanting a SIP softphone on your desktop or laptop new way to make callsA softphone is a program installed on your computer that let you make phone calls over the internet. Traditionally, this was done simply by using a landline, but with the world of technology constantly changing, users have access to even more ways to connect with others. While a landline has many benefits, softphones offer just as many. For those who are still new to the concept, X-Lite is the stepping stone to a fully immersive softphone VoIP experience. With some of the most popular features and functions of the full Bria desktop client, it offers a taste of what youll get if you make the (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Softphone made easyWhile it may not be the software you use in the long run, X-Lite hsows users just how easy it is to manage VoIP and make calls from your desktop or laptop computer. In fact, it only gets better. With the full Bria desktop client, users will have a complete softphone interface that offers even more accessibility.