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Chess Titans

Chess titans, one of the chess games, very popular with Windows XP users, Vista, was not available for download on Windows 8, so far!
Fans of virtual chess were able to create the official version of Chess Titans Win 8. So you can go back to this classic free!

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The Windows 8 version of Chess Titans is a true adaptation of the classic. You can find yourself before the 3d version of chess. The laws are intact: pawns sacrifice themselves in the center of the Council, the Knights in motion patterns “L” and the king is annoying to do.
Are you a chess beginner? Chess Titans is very focused on helping you with newcomers. You will be able to know at any time that you will be available for each room. You also have different levels of difficulty.
You think chess Titans wore you? You can download free and free Windows games and other classics like Solitaire, Minesweeper or Hearts. All Windows 8 Custom.

Chess will be beautiful for you
Chess titans is a good version of chess thanks to its 3d graphics. The camera faithfully simulates what they saw, you have a real game. and the appropriate structure and balance tables. You can also play pieces made of plates, wood, also control to restore the best experience for the real board. Each piece must be slid into a new square and contains a number of different conversations of the.

Second place
Chess Titans is always fun even when it has been many years since its launch. Many roads widely used when the new versions of Windows disappear. Fortunately, Destiny offers a second chance.