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Fernbus Simulator

This is the first simulation of the popular German autobahn. In partnership with FlixBus, a free freight carrier from Fernbus is designed to show the daily life of the German highway / highway while in more than 40 cities. With the Fernbus simulator, you can experience the life you’ve been living everyday for the modern and great MAN Lions / Long Distance bus. Work around km of the route networkDuitsland’s FlixBus and more than 40 German cities were modeled. Therefore, the individual visits are not too long, the time of the simulator is determined to move to 1:10. You can move around the complex road and highway bus stantsiyahu over more than 40 cities, stay in constant communication, the central headquarters of the bus. Accidents, traffic jamsand building objects will cause your busroll if you want to save time (Feature () {(‘Review Articles Page Desktop);}); Conclusions MAN buses are equipped with all the features in the original tents both inside and outside buses to the smallest detail. Fernbus simulator offers realistic atmosphere with true and original passenger announcements. Bus simulator has been tested and suitable for driving instructors and bus drivers.