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WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 finally arrived on the console at the computer last October. The computer version combines all the content that can be downloaded from the game into a single package and makes it very valuable. But did the delays between publications affect the port’s attractiveness?

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WWE fans already know the story of this game. The hope is that the 2K Sport franchise will be on board with a long-awaited relocation. New animations, voice and character models are the focus of the list of wishes for this refurbishment.

This is not what WWE supporters have received. instead of buying 2K Sports in Visual Concept (their NBA title developer) to play a good gameoffer but emphasize minor weaknesses. The result is a game that looks good until you start playing. Do not assume that WWE 2K15 is still the same as WWE 2K14. The problem is that supporters expect more.

However, this new section adds a few new spelling phrases that can point to future improvements. This includes the gripper mechanism (usually just at the start of the battle), where you participate in a scissor-paper-scissor-style minigame. This is followed by better interaction with the right stick to make the cooler spot faster to find an opponent and to create a good tension. It looks good if you become a beautiful person, but as a player you are so busy to win that you feel a lot of fluid back and forth.

From there he goes as usualto. Investigate, strike and the same countermechanics either in the game and still demanding the time of the franchisees to know and love. It usually works well against individual opponents, creates momentum and controls game levels.

Heel heel

But soon to see the problem. If you are not out of the game, your Superstar will be busy when you play more than one opponent. Sometimes it’s just a hassle, but if you choose a pen and switch to another participant, it may be a lost game. A few problems.

My real complaint about WWE 2K15 comes from the lack of information in this version of 2K14 or the previous version of the console.

2K14 offers a single-player campaign that takes 29 years of Wrestlemaina in preparation for Wrestlemania 30.This year this mod is replaced by two competing stories: Fall Xs Collapse and Cena and CM Punks. It works well if you’re a fan of these characters, but have no iconic features last year, which leads to a weaker solo experience. Fortunately, when you play alone, it completes a completed career that leads you through the WWE’s of the NXT Development League.

Other modes that do not exist in WWE 2K 15 are narrators. although I have seldom patients for myself because the creation of others is gone (at least in the hands of the mod community).

My last problem, WWE 2K15, is that the stories about the plans have grown considerably since the console was created. Therefore, the characters in the game look strange in comparison to their currentshallow. Take Cesaro, which is 93 (one of the highest in the match), but is currently with Tyson Kid in the tag team. Furthermore, CM Punk has another clear appearance that fans should pay attention to. This is probably the last time she appeared in the WWE match.

Player B +

WWE 2K15’s biggest sins are that. He did the wrong first half. I think fans will be happier with footage last year and will be more in animation and mod. So it’s the same game as last year – looks better. In other words, 2K Games may be necessary next year to continue with the route he took. Some capture new performances can be carried away to the impressive character model seen this year.

And maybe next year we can get the PC versionsquicker release late. Please?