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Google Gmail Gadget

In Google Gadget Gmail, you’re no longer using Google Desktop, you’re probably familiar with tools: small programs that you can add to the Google Desktop Sidebar to read headlines, view slideshows, or check weather forecasts (function () {(‘review desktop application page);}); Google has now launched a new tool that allows you to check your Gmail account directly on your desktop. The Gmail Google Gadget is installed in the sidebar without a problem and lets you see all your messagesin the Inbox, filter it by shortcut, gain access to multiple fields in Inbox (spam checked, junk, spam) and Gmail gadget including “Create” button that lets you write and send messages from the tool without having to open the browser. If only a slightly larger tool interface, it will be perfect! With tools with Google Gmail, you can always view your Gmail account and manage your email without having to open the Gmail website permanently.