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Instagram for Windows, you can synchronize your PC with an app Instagram installed on your mobile phone. Also allows you to apply various special effects and share with friends in your social network – or through other social networks. This is a great alternative to Flickr and a wider audience of 800 000 000 consumers and user training;

What can I do with Instagram? You can take your photos, add a filter that you have configured, and then the community Instagrams or via Twitter, Facebook, a square or TUMBLR. With the program you can give or receive love and Instagram, answer on your (function () {(‘ Browse-App-Page-Desktop ‘);});

Instagram has a Facebook style feed where you can see all the images that go up, people keep and even custom sites and tracking Hashtags that site to see what is going on. If it is not enough to get the we want, you will also find images by user name, the name, hashtag or location.

Hi best Instagram filter included in the program. There are 27 to choose from (recently added to the Lark, Reyes and Juno) and of color, lighting and light effects. If chosen wisely, you can get wonderful results. Each of these filters can be set up with the photo editor (see what’s new), that is very intuitive.

Instagram also includes support for video, which allows you to capture up to 15 seconds of video sharing via Instagram. As for the images, you can choose from a wide range of effects to apply to your video to make them look great.

Instagram tool includes photos and video messages called Instagram. Allows you to capture images and videos and share with friends Instagram. You can send messages via Instagram to-15 contacts at the same time. There is also a photo editor very intuitive. Get a clear picture to customize the característiquesCom rage, heat and light. You can also adjust the power of filters. For example, to change the filter 1977 just double-tap it, it will show the toolbar to customize the image.

The service is very easy to use, and if you have a lot of friends on Instagram may be the most practical alternative to send on the sending of multimedia messages through other services such as WHATSAPP or Snenchat.

Instagram has the tab “people” in the Explorer, to find interesting people who are conservative and the collections of images selected and Instagram. You can also edit your profile and change your location, such as the quick search and solid import Instagram? The program of Instagram is easy to use. There is an icon in the interface, which represents the different characteristics of the image: Instagram food, look for images, pictures of users, news channel (recent activities on the Internet from you and those to follow) and profile settings. To view pictures in your profile you can choose to display as a list or as a series of blocks for easy navigation.

The exhibition of photos in the channel of the picture is very clear and loves and comments shown below each image. Do you want to or comment on the photos by clicking on one of the icons. However, it’s a shame, you can not open the screen image (only you can see them in the food).

Application of filters and retouching of photos on Instagram is very simple.You take photos through the program or choose one from your phone and see the preview of what effect each test yourself on Instagram Instagramtheprogramu makes it easy to use the effect of your photos and fun to share with your friends. While this requires that you sign up to participate in the Facebook, the possibility that you can do with your photos is great.