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Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart switch is a set of tools that allow you to easily transfer all your applications and data from the old device to a new installation procedure to boot and install the tool fairly easy and apply both Windows Computer and MAC. On the link, above the head on the official site of the Samsung Smart switch. Download the correct connection (Windows or MAC) and run the file. Once installed, the Suite has to run itself by default. Connecting the tools to your phone galaxy is easy too. Suite is quite convenient in the synchronization of SMS conversation and other content that does not usually get matched with various cloud services. The application helps make the transition from IPhone to Android-powered Galaxy phone as well. If you do not have a galaxy phone, you can still use the program by downloading (the function () {(“Preview-App-page-Desktop”);); Flexibilitys Samsung Smart Switch, you no longer have to move individual file types separately. Almost every type of file like images, videos, text, sound, etc. it can be touched. The Switch program is also compatible with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. You can also transfer information in different ways: wireless, cable, or work desk. The application works with all versions of Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. As for IOS concerned, support starts with iOS 5, which is quite impressive because almost all iPhone users are on a later version of IOS.