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Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night is a deep, dark dive into a world equal parts absurdity and terror. The premise is simple: survive a night in an office (which you can customise) against various (customisable) foes. The ultimate aspect is derived from the sheer scale of customisability, replayability and is Ultimate Custom Night for?Ultimate Custom Night is a gross-out, in your face joyride of scares and hair-breadth victories. Enemies sneak, creep and, ultimately, savage you. If you enjoy high tension, jumpy and hilarious gaming, then Ultimate Custom Night is the game for you. Its also completely (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Why Ultimate Custom Night?This game is part of a very busy genre, and there are plenty of others on offer. What makes Ultimate Custom Night stand out are its overwhelmingly positive reviews from thousands of players and how it combines all the content from the Friday Night at Freddys games into a single, perfect whole. It is also free. It also manages to pack in some truly scary moments, which other imitators in the genre can fail at.