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Websta for Instagram

We all know, of course, that Instagram can be accessed using web browsers. However, we also know that the things you could do in the web version are far limited when compared to the mobile versions. Well, not for long. With Websta for Instagram, you can do more to your Instagram account even if you are using web browsers. This add-on will let you access your Instagram account in your browser and use it just like you were in your ;

Share Your StoriesThe web version of Instagram gives you the opportunity to visit your account without your phone. And while there are similarities between the two versions, there are some limitations to the things you can do. And one of those is uploading your photos or videos from a computer. You can see, comment, and like any post you see, but you cannot create your own. With Websta for Instagram, you can now breach that wall. By installing this extension in your browser, you can unlock the capacity of your web Instagram to upload pictures to your account. You dont have to do it on your phone, every ; More, you can also take advantage of Instagram s IGTV straight into your computer. Not only you can watch your IGTV posts of the accounts you follow, but you can also upload your ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });But what users would probably rave about the Websta for Instagram is its capability to extend web Instagrams features to allow you to share stories straight from your computer. Yes, youve read it right. With the app integrated into your browser, it can tweak your desktop Instagram to look like a mobile app. This gives your browser support for IG story. In addition to uploading photos and videos for your stories, you can download these App FeaturesWebsta for Instagram lets you get more out of your desktop Instagram. Aside from allowing you to upload your photos and videos directly from your computer, it also lets you send direct messages. Thats right. With this app, you can now send messages to the people you follow. This also gives you the ability to react to your friends IG ;Additionally, Websta for Instagram gives you real-time notifications. The app also lets you auto-start your desktop Instagram whenever you launch your browser. And since it allows you to use your desktop when accessing Instagram, you can now see your friends pictures and videos in full ;Websta for Instagram also protects your digital privacy by making sure that no credentials are shared to third parties. Emojis and dark mode is also made available using this ;Websta for Instagram is available as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla ;Get More Instagram ExperienceWebsta for Instagram is a handy app when you want to be always on Instagram. This lightweight software extends the capabilities of your desktop Instagram, so you dont have to rely on your mobile whenever you want to share stories and interact with your followers. With this, you can get the full Instagram experience directly on your computer.