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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email client, desktop alternative to Microsoft Outlook, developer is award-winning Mozilla and the free solution to manage your email more efficiently. And there are many advantages of the Switch. Unlike a letter, for example, can manage virtual identity and create an address on the fly and is widely regarded as one of the best anti-spam filter. Recently it has been updated and the tablecloth has been tabbed to do email management (Function () {(“Learning-Applications-Web-Desktop”);}); The fact that, like Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, you can strong protection for any connection makes competitive mail client. In addition, it is now faster and more stable than before, because Gecko 5 goingSetting Mozilla Thunderbird is painful. You can quickly import messages and contacts from Outlook or e-mail and configure POP3, IMAP, or SMTP at a glance. NAK has been formulated, Mozilla Thunderbird offers filters to send messages to another folder and Inbox. And of course, there is an integrated spell checker to make sure that your email in Mozilla Thunderbird expert in general a little more is the fact that it comes with an integrated RSS reader. These days, this is the bit this date because many use a different application-or even Firefox-comply with the RSS feed, but it can be useful only if you want the mail and follow the RSS feeds simultaneously when planning the tools of Search for your stay in Thunderbird MailThe ex that was and happens in real time as you type. The search results will be displayed in a separate tab. In general is a big part of Thunderbird and Firefox, you can have open messages in another tab. It is a great feature of Thunderbird even tempting you have very clear letters at once. The archive is also another feature that is useful for people who do not want to delete the message but wanted a clear space in what about security? You might think that email clients are low-natured, secure only paid, but Thunderbird is surprisingly safe and anti-spam filter is a bit above. The reason is that the criteria are constantly updated and designed by more important volunteers is to make quality products rather than benefit from the final product. Security updates regularly but less because it rejected a major point reduces support for Mozilla Thunderbird Sales is that it provides support for Microsoft Exchange, which means it will appeal to users of previous discounts on Disadvantage, the lack of applications shows that some farms. Thunderbird still does not have a view of the email conversation style like in Gmail (although an extension to do this can be downloaded separately) and does not have many options for managing attachments. There is also a calendar there, but again, this can be downloaded separately in the form of “Flash”. Overall, a very good way is the criterion of the free alternative to Microsoft to check more applications and programs? Getting Watejabarua email is better forCompanies in the solution. The Oversight committee for the issue of a security patch to cause corruption in the local folder after the current filtering setting (815012)

The problem that caused the deletion of drafts saved in the Offline IMAP folder now set (805626) to fix security problem changes that cause corruption in the LocalAprès folder to filter is now fixed (815012)

Remove Yangdisebabkan and issue a draft stored on the offline IMAP folder currently set (805626)